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Faculty of education, MU  
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Josef Trna,Ph.D.


Safety of everyday life of EU citizens is a central topic of the European community. Citizens have to be equipped by competences for behaviour self protection and special risks. Competences for safety of citizens are necessary to create all life in different forms of long-life education.  These forms are child education at family, in forma school education and informal outside school education.  Adult education has the same importance by means of children at families, by activities of different information sources (Internet, courses of public or non public authorities and organisations) on profession education etc.  Special courses are needed for handicapped people, national minorities, seniors etc.  The project SGE is aimed at the production such educational materials, appropriate for teachers into teaching of children, adult citizen and people with special needs. The content is form of different areas of safety in everyday life. The partnership in the project gives possibility to realise the European dimension.